Testimonials from Recent Coaching Clients


Academic Leader in a School of Business

"Susan was a lifesaver for me after I was promoted to my first management position. She was both an empathetic listener and a great sounding board, asking the tough questions that I needed to swiftly cut through my own barriers and roadblocks to successfully lead my team through some very difficult transitions."

Entrepreneur, Author and Social Media Beauty Influencer

"Working with Susan has been such an amazing experience both personally and professionally! Her coaching has given me the tools to hone in with laser focus on my business goals and get clear on how to take my business to the next level. Susan brings a unique perspective and skill set to project management and is wonderful at identifying blind spots that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential."

Higher Ed Information Technology Leader

"Prior to working with Susan, I was really at a crossroads in my professional life. For years, I was focused on advancement in my career but was starting to reach a point in my life where I also wanted to feel like I was making a real contribution to something greater than myself. With Susan’s help, I realized that I did not have to give up professional advancement while trying to also make a difference. Her years of experience helped me target new opportunities that offered both. She also helped me learn how to champion my skills and experience. Being a woman in technology, I have sometimes been reluctant to “take credit” for my work. Susan helped me push that aside and showed me how I could champion my work while still being devoted to the greater good of the organization. I can’t recommend Susan highly enough, she uses her experience, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness to help individuals meet their personal and professional goals."

Professor of Journalism

"Conversations with Susan are like conversations with a trusted friend, at once thoughtful and warm, decisive and directed. Light bulbs get turned on, pointing you in the direction you need to go and with a clarity we all need."

Director of Business Development for a Consumer Media Company

"Susan is a one of a kind coach and mentor. These two intimate roles require vastly different skill sets and personalities that one can rarely find in one person. And she upholds both roles in such grace and authenticity. Being an executive in a hyper fast faced high tech industry and a father of two small children, my daily life is filled with influx of problems to be solved and tight deadlines to be met. Because of her stellar leadership background, she has been greatly effective in offering professional guidance and point out blind spots that I have overlooked. As a coach, her ability to draw out my professional strengths and cultivate them have resulted in many personal and professional successes. Above everything else, Susan has become a trusted friend whom I can count on."

Recent MBA Graduate

"Susan has helped me be more thoughtful and methodical about how I reflect on and assess my actions and activities to align with what drives me in life. She's nudged me to better understand my motivations and the impact they have not only on myself but also those around me. I appreciated Susan's ability to listen in a nuanced and non-judgmental way, while also suggesting tangible recommendations I could apply right away. I highly recommend her as a resource!"

Co-Founder of a Design Thinking Consultancy

"Susan was fantastic. She helped me sort out my professional life on a Strategic and Tactical level. Strategically, she helped me identify the positive drivers and the negative distractors in my professional career, which enabled me to design a career that aligned my passions and interests. Tactically, she helped me identify patterns in how I work and enabled me to embrace who I am and design a system that works best for me."

Manager of Operations for a Winery

"I am in a place in my life where I would like to make a change to work in an industry that I will feel more passionate about the work that I do. Susan uses techniques in her coaching that helped me to better understand my true strengths, weaknesses, and inhibitions. She also helped me discover which of these attributes I enjoy utilizing most in my work. These discoveries have increased my self-confidence, helped in my job search, and with Susan's guidance, have also lead to a more succinct resume. Susan's availability beyond scheduled appointments has exceeded my expectations. She has been quick to respond to emails and phone calls, especially when I needed help negotiating with a company for a prospective job. Susan is personable, filled with warmth and genuine caring. I would highly recommend her and look forward to our continued work together."

Director of Digital Learning Initiatives for a School of Communications

"Susan has played a pivotal role in helping me shape my career goals and define my values. She has given me feedback on my resume, literally going through it line-by-line, and has coached me through numerous job applications and interviews. She is a highly accomplished and respected leader whose prowess as a mentor cannot be overstated. I would not be where I am today without her guidance."

Activist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Working in the Non-Profit Space

"After a successful career in the nonprofit sector in Canada, I stepped away from my career to move to the United States and raise a child. I recently decided to re-engage in the work place and Susan Metros helped me to explore various potential career opportunities by assisting me in revamping my resume to accurately describe my current skill set. The circumstances around working together were somewhat challenging as I had a short window of time available.  Susan's attention to detail, patience, and sensitivity ensured that my goals were met. I recently began working with an organization that is a perfect fit!"

Director for Customer Service in a University Central Information Technology Division

"Susan Metros coached me through an important transition in my career. Her approach is calm, supportive, and practical. She helped me focus on balancing my professional and personal lives. Her coaching and mentoring helped me to gain confidence in what I have to contribute to an organization. And, I got the promotion!"

Mechanical Engineer for a 3D Metal Components Manufacturing Company

"Shortly after graduating with my Masters in Aerospace Mechanical Engineering, I purchased a package of coaching sessions from Susan Metros  because I was having trouble finding a job. During our first session, Susan helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. We created a strategy, set goals, and developed an action plan to reach those goals.  In subsequent sessions we checked in on how close we were to reaching our goals, the effectiveness of our strategy and what we needed to revise.  Between sessions, Susan continued to send me additional resources such as tips on creating good LinkedIn profiles and articles on building resumes. I am happy to say that our last session was spent discussing a job offer.  Susan is very well in tune with the way business is done today.  She has so much knowledge about what actually works and what resources are effective."