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Metros Consulting offers dynamic keynote talks and conference presentations, design charrettes and creative problem-solving and design thinking workshops.

With deep academic roots, Susan Metros, principal and founder of Metros Consulting, has authored more than 40 refereed and invited publications and delivered close to 150 refereed and invited presentations, seminars and workshops on topics running the gamut from leadership and mentoring, creativity and innovation, visual and multimedia literacy, to the role of educational technology in transforming higher education to be multi-modal, interactive and learner-centered.

Leadership Segues Presentation

Download Susan's most recent presentation: Leadership Segues: From Wet Behind my Ears to Wise Beyond my Years

Metros presenting
Susan delivering New Media Consortium keynote "Solving Higher Ed’s Biggest Challenges.”
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Thinking outside the Box talk
EDUCAUSE Connect Conference
THe Degree is in Disruption Talk
International Visual Literacy Association Annual Conference